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About Belliston Academy

The family-run Belliston Academy of Ballet & Dance, well established in the Littleton community for 40 years, is the only dance school in the Denver Metro area that is both Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and Cecchetti Council of America (CCA) certified. Our teachers are dedicated, highly-qualified professionals. If your child harbors big dance dreams, enrolling at Belliston will proactively put them on the path to professional dancing success.

Students at Belliston will also learn vital life lessons:

  • in nutrition,
  • physical health,
  • team-work,
  • performance,
  • the importance of regular practice and dedication to a craft
  • everything they need to become a successful, healthy and happy adult.

Our Mission

Belliston Academy of Ballet & Dance exists to help children become wonderfully well-rounded, happy, healthy, successful, and goal-oriented adults. The Academy is home to a community environment where children can learn the mastery of dance from dedicated and highly qualified professionals – whether it’s just for fun or to pursue a professional career. If you have a daughter or son who has a dream then this is the place for them.

Working in tandem with parents, the Academy gives students a foundation for greatness through their mastery of dance, their physical care, their commitment to the craft and performance goals. The Academy’s attention to detail sets the foundation for the next generation’s success for years to come. It exists to generate a strong community spirit, long-life friendships, no-compromise values and passion for a craft, as well as offering a wholesome, fun and safe place of learning.

Our Certification

We are the only Academy in the Denver Metro area that offers both the Royal Academy of Dance and Cechetti Council of America certified dance curriculum. Why is that important? If your child has designs on becoming a professional dancer, we have the means to offer the very best dance education. Our teachers are fully qualified and their training is on-going. Past students have gone on to dance at the Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle, Miami City Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, and received the prestigious Princess Grace Award.

We are also the only Dance Academy to offer our students an on-site swimming pool, which is a vital tool in the safe instruction of ‘en pointe’ ballet technique.
We are open to students who wish to dance for fun or for fitness and to those who dream of a career in dance. In addition to our program for girls ages 3 to 18, we now have a growing program for boys to learn the fundamentals of dance, enabling them to also express themselves or strengthen their athletic skills through cross-training.

Our Promise

Belliston Academy of Ballet & Dance is a trusted community focal point, founded more than 35 years ago by Jeannine Belliston and still run by the Belliston family.  Our Academy program is designed to teach children the mastery of dance – both for fun, and also for those who desire a career in dance. By choosing Belliston you are choosing success for your child.

The Academy prides itself on instilling principled performance ethics as well as a sense of fun, achievement , pride, joy and dedication in its students, which now number more than 10,000. Past students have gone on to dance at the Pacific Northwest Ballet, Miami City Ballet, San Francisco Ballet and as Rockettes, as well as becoming doctors, lawyers, teachers and many other trusted professionals, contributing positively to society.

Whether you love to dance, or live to dance, Belliston Academy continues to be a wholesome, fun and safe place of learning.

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